Contestants Info

Ao Li

Birth Place:
Mandarin, English
Favorite Classic Song:
Father (Chopsticks Brothers)
Favorite Song:
Love and Fidelity (Leo Ku), Sheep (Pink Floyd)
Favorite Genre:
Pop, R&B, Alternative
Favorite Artiste:
Bazzi, JJ Lin, Bruno Mars
Favorite Album:
Nine Track Mind Deluxe (Charlie Puth)
Artiste that you want to perform with on stage:
Jason Zhang
First public performing experience:
Performing at the Forbidden City Concert Hall at Beijing
Reasons for joining the Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest:
Singing has always been a big part of myself. I have been singing since I was little, and have always wanted to perform on a bigger stage. I am also an emotional sane person and love to express all my feeling through the song melodies, so I want to get help from a platform where I can freely show my connection with music.