Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest


“Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” hosted by Talentvision was concluded on a high note at River Rock Show Theatre on June 28. After auditioning hundreds of people in the preliminary round, the judges had narrowed it down to 8 top finalists. Through the last two months of professional guidance from celebrity instructors, the contestants had elevated drastically in image, singing, and stage presence. In addition, they accumulated more onstage experience at the Roadshows, proving their competence to fight for the championship and other awards at the Final!

Team leaders and MCs Mandy Chan and Tingting Niu kicked off the wonderful music festival with anticipation and determination. The two beauties welcomed their teammates onto the stage with a rhythmic dance that got everybody moving. 

The “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” was honoured to invite music producer from Taiwan Mr. Yu Chung Ming, music master Mr. Dominic Chung, celebrated songwriter and producer Mr. Jone Chui and the prominent vocalist Ms. Ruoxi Liu to form the final judge panel. Together they had selected the performers who were giving their best at the show.

The final competition was split into 3 segments. First, the finalists each took the stage to sing their solos. To jazz things up, the judges were to choose their favourite music genres whereas the team leaders picked one of their teammates who could fulfill the requirements to battle. To start off, #4 Wendy He’s emotional rendition of “Thinking of You on a Lonely Night” went against #8 Ao Li’s gentle and pure interpretation of “The Chaos After You”; followed by #5 Mandy Jackson celebrating the power of “Love” along with #6 Lulu Kao’s delicate and exquisite delivery of “Crescent Moon Bay”.


Next up, #3 Frank Yang and #7 Stevic Lau performed “Empty Spaces” and “Black Humour” respectively, both lamenting the heavy heartedness of love without a fairy-tale ending; lastly #1 Dylan Gao battled with the gentle love song “Love is like a Tide” against #2 Kat Siu’s cheerful “Sunny Day” with an uplifting spirit and joy.


The first round of competition between the two teams was extremely heated. To relieve the tension of the competition, the champion of 2011 Little Sunshine Monica Song and her twin sister Jessica Song incorporated Kpop dance and singing into a violin performance. Since their last appearance, the sisters have grown to be beautiful talented ladies. Their charisma brought them a big round of applause.

To continue the exhilarating competition, the finalists were put to a test on their compatibility skills. Renowned concert producer and Contest Music Consultant Richard Yuen revamped the 8 contenders’ selected songs to highlight their individual styles with music backing by Richard and His Band.

Mandy’s teammates: #1 Dylan, #4 Wendy, #6 Lulu and #7 Stevic first stepped up the stage with the harmonious version of “Coral Sea”, subsequently contrasted by the rock number “Alone” while courageously embracing the wide spectrum of love relationships. Their interpretation brought excitement all over.Switching the vibe, Tingting’s teammates: #2 Kat, #3 Frank, #5 Mandy, #8 Ao embarked on a journey with the audience in a time machine to feel the “Coolness” of the ancient times , then travelled back to the modern day to unfold a sweet high school love story with “Dimples”.

Shortly after, with a live band backing, each finalist fought for his/her last chance to be in the jury’s favour. The edgy #1 Dylan Gao sang “Princess” with a self-choreographed hip hop piece as the icing on the cake; the bubbly #2 Kat Siu’s rendition of “I Wanna Fly” depicted the courage and fearlessness when pursuing a dream; the 16 year old #3 Frank Yang’s “Forget Love” was especially heartwarming; with an extremely touching voice, #4 Wendy He’s interpretation of “Intoxicated” told a story about the heartfelt moments of a relationship.


The versatile #5 Mandy Jackson presented “Waiting Till These Flowers Fade” beautifully to reveal the sadness of emotional trauma; the soft spoken #6 Lulu Kao brought “Learning From Drunk” onto the stage, slowly mesmerizing the audience with her charming voice; former singing instructor #7 Stevic Lau’s powerful “Against The Light” shed a bright spotlight on his soft voice; the love song guru #8 Ao Li transformed the original “Cao Cao” with an addition of his own rap. The juxtaposition of eras left a lasting impression.


The highly anticipated special guest performer, Curley G finally made her Canadian debut. In 2017, she took a leap of faith on the Sing! China stage with remarkable results. Curley is now one step closer to her goal as an international star. The “Golden Classics New Voices” Voting Award recipient emerged onstage with the very popular “Incomparable Beauty”, followed by the English song “Bellyache”. Curley’s unique singing style melted the crowd’s hearts. Up next was the self-titled “Curley G” released by the young talent when she ventured off to song writing to commemorate her first anniversary as an artiste. At the grand finale, Curley blessed the audience with their favorite “She Came To My Concert”. Her magnetic voice with extremely intense emotions touched the audience in the entire venue.

After much deliberation, the judges finally voted for these winners:

Champion:Wendy He


Best Team:Mandy's Team

The contestant who received the majority votes online is:

People’s Choice Award:Frank Yang

The “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” Final will be broadcasted on July 21st at 3:30pm and 9:30pm on Talentvision. Please stay tuned to relive the exciting moments of the show.


Press Conference


After auditioning over a hundred people in the preliminary round, the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” hosted by Talentvision and co-organized by Fairchild TV has narrowed it down to 8 top finalists. Through the professional guidance from celebrity instructors, the contestants have blossomed into young stars and already conquered the 2 Roadshow stages. At the Wednesday press conference, the contestants anticipated the final competition happening in just 2 days. Talentvision were streaming live on Facebook to let everyone have a first hand glimpse of the actions!

Both team leaders, Mandy Chan and Tingting Niu, have shown utmost support and dedication towards their teammates. To top it off, they were acting as masters of ceremonies at the press conference to cheer their contestants on. The event unfolded as the MC’s introduced each contestant onto the stage starting off with the rap and singing machine, dance instructor #1 Dylan Gao followed by the other 7 fellow contestants including the cute and adorable #2 Kat Siu who has a wide spectrum in musical taste; the 16 year old brave young soul #3 Frank Yang who has made his family proud; multiple competition participant and award-winner #4 Wendy He who still remains passionate towards her music journey.

the explosive #5 Mandy Jackson who always regards Michael Jackson as her eternal idol; the UBC French major #6 Lulu Kao with a dreamy voice who got her audience light on their feet; the former pop song singing coach #7 Stevic Lau who followed his heart to step onto the singing stage again and #8 Ao Li whose dimples and charismatic voice made him especially memorable.

All 8 contenders will demonstrate individual personalities and rock the stage with Richard and His band at the finals. They all have one ultimate goal: to compete for the championship and other awards. The final judge panel consists of renowned music producer from Taiwan Mr. Yu Chung Ming, music master Mr. Dominic Chung, celebrated songwriter and producer Mr. Jone Chui and the prominent vocalist Ms. Ruoxi Liu. Together they will select the performers who are giving their best at the show.

Curley G, the special guest performer with lavishly curly hair and a bouncy personality, finally made her debut in Vancouver. Two years ago, she took a leap of faith to travel from Singapore to China alone and competed with a unique style of delivery on the “Sing! China” season 2 stage. Her decision paid off as she was praised by instructors and subsequently captured the title of 1st runner up in the Na Ying team. It was the first step to realizing her dream in the music industry. At about the same age as the contestants, Curley was able to openly share the unforgettable memories at Sing! China. In addition, she also responded to questions from the finalists while giving out suggestions on stage performance.

Currently studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Curley aspires to be a well-rounded singer with international fame. To celebrate her first anniversary as an artiste, she ventured off to song writing and released her self-titled number “Curley G”. Evidenced by the win at the “Golden Classics New Voices”, Curley G’s talent is being recognized through the support from her fans in North America. During the press conference, she expressed gratitude towards her Canadian fans and promised to continue to work hard. President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan presented the award to Curley G and thanked her for flying all the way to Vancouver for this event.

“Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” finals will take place this Friday June 28th at the River Rock Show Theatre featuring amazing performances from the 8 contestants and Curley’s highly anticipated debut! To find out who will take home the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” championship, please stay tuned on the official website and various Talentvision social media platforms.


Second Roadshow


Having hurdled through the audition and conquered the first Roadshow stage, the finalists continued on with their intensive training to prepare for the second Roadshow at Yaohan Centre. Mandy’s team member, #1 Dylan Gao’s captured the championship at the first Roadshow with an outstanding singing and dance performance. Will Ting Ting’s teammates be able to take the lead this time? With team leaders, Ting Ting Niu and Mandy Chan as the MC’s, the contenders met onstage again ready to battle.

On the day of the competition, their fans and music enthusiasts filled Yaohan Centre to show their support. “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” was honoured to invite Aneka Wong representing Yaohan Centre, Fairchild TV Marketing and Sales Controller Helen Lee and Talentvision program host Carmen Shao to form the judge panel for the Roadshow.

This Roadshow was split into two segments. Firstly, the finalists challenged themselves with a rendition of their competing songs at the first Roadshow again, only to show how drastic the improvements were. Learning from the judges’ previous comments and making adjustments to their singing strategies, they all expressed intense emotions and created memorable stage presence. Their efforts had definitely paid off with unanimous recognitions from the judges. The audience was showing their immense support with continuous applause. The top 8 had proved their ability as individual artistes, but would they manage to share the spotlight in a duet? The second part of the Roadshow will be the ultimate compatibility test.

The duet battle started off with #4 Wendy and #7 Stevic presenting the rock number “Alone” with extraordinary capacity and strong emotional context through huge vocal ranges to give the melody a new soul. Up next were #2 Kat Siu and #3 Frank Yang, who performed “Dimples” with two distinct styles. They carried the sweet lyrics along with the uplifting melody, delineating a romantic love story picture in front of the audience.

The next group that followed was #1 Dylan Gao and #6 Lulu Kao who sang the heartfelt “Coral Sea” with a masculine voice blending beautifully with a feminine harmonious tone while denoting the pain of a breakup. Last but not least were #5 Mandy Jackson and #8 Ao Li singing the well-known “Coolness” that has gone viral the past months. The familiar melody and their angelic voices created a heavenly image in the audience’s mind.

The finalists have proven their talent as a solo artiste and as a duo. The outstanding performances of the finalists made the judges gruesomely hard to come to a decision. After much deliberation, the judges voted for #5 Mandy Jackson and #8 Ao Li as the Perfect Duo at the second Roadshow.

After wrapping up the Roadshows, team leader and Roadshow MC Ting Ting and Mandy first introduced the special guest performer at the Final, Curley G. The Canadian audiences were so impressed by her captivating voice and exceptional performance in Sing! China that an overwhelming amount of votes went to her at the “Golden Classic New Voices” voting game, making her the overall winner. On June 28, Curley G will debut in Vancouver to embark on a unique music journey with her fans here!

Both roadshows have come to an end. The finalists will have to drill really hard to rock the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” stage on June 28th. They are ready to bring a new spark to a classic and be the Champion! For more information, please stay tuned on the official website and various Talentvision social media platforms.


First Roadshow


Having overcome a series of challenges, 8 contestants have successfully made it to the Final of “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest”. After more than a month of intensive training, they have launched a roadshow at the Chinatown Plaza marking the first step to chase their dreams.

“Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” was honoured to invite Edward Wong representing Chinatown Plaza, Fairchild TV Marketing and Sales Controller Helen Lee and Fairchild TV host William Ho to form the judge panel for the roadshow. Counting down to the event opening, an enormous crowd of fans started to accumulate to show their support. At the Contest Final, the contestants will compete in 2 groups led by MC’s Ting Ting Niu and Mandy Chan. On this very occasion, Team leader and roadshow MC Ting Ting first took the stage to introduce #2 Kat Siu, #3 Frank Yang, #5 Mandy Jackson, and #8 Ao Li in her team. Substitute leader Steven Yang was proud to announce members of Team Mandy including #1 Dylan Gao, #4 Wendy He, #6 Lulu Kao and #7 Stevic Lau. Both teams look determined and ready to conquer the stage!

To kick off the competition, William Ho was invited to pick a favourite music style. “Cheerful and energetic!” he declared. The adorable Kat brought forth the light-hearted “Sunny Day”, enlightening the crowd with positivity and sweetness.

To fight against Kat, Lulu who sang “Crescent Moon Bay” in a very delicate yet exquisite manner, creating the notion of a light breeze that passed through the hearts of the attending guests.

Next group chosen to battle was #8 Ao Li vs. #7 Stevic Lau. The purity of Ao’s voice depicted vividly the sadness in “The Chaos After You”.

Singing coach Stevic counter-attacked with “Black Humour,” which showcased his ability to handle falsetto at ease

Up next is #3 Frank Yang singing “Empty Spaces” with his rival Dylan who competed with “Love is like a Tide.” In spite of his young age at 15, Frank was able to release the intense emotions of the song.

The edgy Dylan delivered emotional context while also creating an upbeat vibe with his rap.

The final round of competitions consisted of #5 Mandy Jackson and # Wendy He. Mandy celebrated the power of “Love” but lamented the reality that passion will eventually die down even after a fierce ignition.

Wendy’s rendition of “Thinking of You on a Lonely Night” touched the hearts of the audience deeply.

The outstanding performances of the finalists made the judges gruesomely hard to make a decision! To relieve the tension of the competition, two sweet little performers Chloe and Rhea emerged and rocked the stage with “I Believe”. The girls were nothing less than the big brothers and sisters who previously showcased their music talents but managed to sing their hearts out without hesitation, winning a thunderous round of applause. Wishing these two cute firecrackers all the best at their music journey and looking forward to seeing them shine onstage again soon!

After an in-depth discussion, the judges voted unanimously for #1 Dylan Gao as the Champion while the extremely supportive fans of #5 Mandy Jackson captured the “Best Fans Award”. Through this precious experience, the 8 finalists have gained more confidence and are all equipped for the second roadshow taking place on June 15th! For more information, please stay tuned on various Talentvision social media platforms.


Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest


It is said that Life is a song that tells stories about you and me through touching lyrics and emotional melodies. There is always a particular classic having that therapeutic effect in alleviating your stress from life or pain from a loss. What is that special number in your life journey?

The Birth of a Classic Song

People are touched and inspired by lyrics and musical notes brought to life by singing masters. A song that transcends the passage of time or becomes emblematic at a unique period of history is a classic. With the popularity of online platforms, more music lovers are keen on sharing their songs in cyberspace making possible a major comeback for some old classics like The Light Chaser and For the Rest of my Life.

At the same time, soundtracks from movies or TV shows are equally favored by a lot of singing contest participants. Delineating the pain of breakups in the present and past lives, the song Chilly from Ten Miles of Peach is relatable to fans who will immediately flash back to the television series every time the song is played. In addition, theme songs like Fleet of Time and A Little Happiness not only enhance the emotional context of the movie, but also take the audience back to the most memorable life experience. Such classic theme songs are embraced and treasured by all regardless of your age.

Art of Classic Song Expression

Esmi Shi, Winner of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest 2018, was able to bring a new twist on old melodies. Esme picked Whether from a box office hit Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing from the 1980’s as her solo competing song. Born in 1986, this 1983 release was not a soundtrack she was familiar with. That said, Esme was still able to perform the song beautifully, delivering pools of memories and nostalgia. Esme has successfully crossed eras by giving this old classic a new spark.

Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest

Are you a sentimental person susceptible to moving melodies? Do you think you have the capability of enlightening an old song with a fresh coat of paint or connecting the souls of different eras? Then you definitely have the potential to create a “classic song” as a way to cheer yourself on and as a remedy to heal the broken hearts of others. Talentvision is now hosting Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest to recognize prominent individuals like you! If you are devoted to music and have a passion for performing, don’t miss this professional platform and chance to sing with a live band lead by renowned concert producer Richard Yuen. The competition is open to everyone in all ages and all nationalities. Contestants are allowed to compete as a solo artist or in a group. Winner of this singing contest will win one round trip plane ticket to Asia. Deadline to apply: April 11th by 5pm. For enquiries: promotionvan@talentvisiontv.com.