"Golden Classics, New Voice" Curley G

Golden Classics New Voices” voting game generated tremendous awareness among music lovers of promising new stars by giving them another moment to shine. Often complimented for her extraordinary renditions by the judges at “Sing! China”, Curley G received an overwhelming number of votes at “Golden Classics New Voices” game. As a girl from Uighurs and raised in Singapore, she confidently sang “Incomparable Beauty”, demonstrating phenomenal stage presence while expressing young people’s fearless attitude towards what the future may hold. During the blind audition, Eason Chan and Na Ying both pressed the button demanding Curley to join their corresponding teams. Curley G decided to follow Na Ying as she grew up listening to her songs and subsequently captured the title of 1st runner up within the team.

Curley G’s Music Journey
In 2017, 18 year old Curley G took a leap of faith and left her parents in Singapore to chase her singing dream in China. Her unique style of delivery won her a spot in Sing! China. To celebrate her first anniversary as an artiste, she decided to venture off to song writing and released “Grain Season”. From singing cover versions to creating an original piece, Curley G’s passion for music is truly evident. 

Curley G’s Music Dream
Jay Chou once praised Curley G as the next Tanya Chua. Coincidentally, Curley revealed that she dreams of following in Tanya’s footsteps to become a singer song writer while at the same time conquering the stage like Jolin Tsai with invincible charisma.  She is currently attending the prestigious independent college of contemporary music, Berklee College of Music in Boston. At such a young age, she already has a clear mindset on her goal to mature into an all-rounded artiste like her idols, the Korean boy band BTS and the young American pop diva Taylor Swift who can write, sing and dance.

Evidenced by the win at the “Golden Classics New Voices”, Curley G’s talent is being recognized through the support from her Canadian fans, drawing her one step closer to realize her dream to launch a singing career in China and North America. In order to give a classic a new spark and to thank her fans for their constant support, Curley will be performing for the first time on a Canadian stage on June 28th as the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest’s” special guest performer.