Top 8 Finalists Met with Special Guest Performer Curley G


Moments after landing into Vancouver, the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” special guest performer Curley G already jumped into work by attending the press conference, being interviewed and participating in show rehearsals. In the midst of all that, she took time out to meet with the 8 finalists. As a young contestant at Sing! China, she totally felt for the finalists and especially grasp the opportunity to share her insights and challenges at the competition. Being more familiar with English songs, she was able to give advice to the finalists on how to surpass the language barrier. In addition she found out that the contestants have performances with a live band and reminded them to blend together as one with the instruments. Curley also revealed tips on relieving stress and focus on enjoying the process as winning is always a plus. Lastly, Curley cheered the contestants on and will look forward to seeing them shine on stage at the final tomorrow.


“Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” Final Rehearsal


Just a few days before the 8 finalists step onto the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” stage to manifest their intense passion for music and catch the hearts of the audience with their moving melodies, the final rehearsal took place to let them show off the result of the last two month’s training. Under the professional guidance of the star instructors, it is evident that all the finalists have drastic improvements in stage presence and singing techniques. In addition, 1st runner up of Na Ying’s team in “Sing! China”, Curley G will grace the stage as Special Guest Performer. Growing up in Singapore and currently studying at the prominent Berklee College of Music, Curley will be presenting an eye-opening performance to her Vancouver audience at this highly anticipate breathtaking show of the year. Who will catch the judges’ eye and capture the championship title at the “Unforgettable Golden Classic Singing Contest” final on June 28th (Friday) at 8pm at the River Rock Show Theatre? We will soon find out!


Live Band Practice with Richard Yuen


“Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” is honoured to invite renowned concert producer, Richard Yuen, to be the Music Consultant. After reviewing the contestants’ performance, Richard revamped their selected songs to highlight the finalists’ individual styles with music backing by a live band. A classic is thus given a new spark. While the audience will enjoy this nice surprise, the singers are being challenged on the ability to groove together with a live band. Counting down to the final, the Top 8 had a practice with Richard and His Band in the studio when they seized the opportunity to work harmonious with each other and consult the veteran musicians for tips to increase their compatibility, hoping to perfect their performance onstage!


Top 8 Finalists’ Last Stretch with Team Leaders


Having overcome a series of challenges, 8 contestants have successfully made it into the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” and received professional guidance from star instructors to improve their singing techniques and stage presence. After undergoing intense training with the stage instructor, Didi, the young and vivacious finalists have become better versions of themselves. In order to project a unique personal style on stage, the contestants have given their blood, sweat, and tears practicing the dance steps and positions in hopes to grasp the audience’s attention.

While the finalists were drilling themselves for the final show, team leaders Mandy Chan and Ting Ting Niu were busy selecting their show day outfits. Our styling supervisor, Shirley, gave a lot of thoughts into the picks and decided to use blue and gold as the theme colours to differentiate the two teams.

The team leaders have shown to be really invested and provided their teammates with immense support throughout the contestants’ journey. They will be bringing their corresponding teams to battle with jaw-dropping performances at the final “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” stage. Be ready on June 28th to see who wins awards and takes the championship title!


Top 8 Finalists’ Leisure Talk and City Chat Interview


It has come to the final stretch of the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest”. Both team leaders, Mandy Chan and Ting ting Niu, led their members through trainings, promo shootings, roadshows and eventually interviews with Mary Lo and Carmen Shao for Leisure Talk and City Chat. All very down to earth, the young finalists openly shared their passion for music and also revealed funny moments during practices, generating heaps of laughter in the studio. To find out more about what have happened behind the scenes, please tune in for City Chat on June 20th at 9:25pm and Leisure Talk on June 25th at 6:20pm (PST).


Top 8 Official Photo Shoot


The 8 finalists of the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” had a lot of fun at the recent official photo shoot. Their image was uplifted by colourful attires and new hairstyles which simultaneously empowered them with confidence in front of the camera. In the blink of an eye, the studio atmosphere was brightened up.

During the shooting, they incorporated musical instruments, microphones and other props to express their passion for music. In between shots, the 8 talents were interviewed by What’s On to reveal the reasons for their participation at the competition and what expectations they have.

As fierce contenders, they are split into two groups led by two hilarious team leaders, Mandy Chan and Ting Ting Niu.

How will the competition unfold? Join us on May 18th at 2:30m at Chinatown Plaza to witness their first singing battle!


Top 8 Finalists Makeover


The top 8 finalists this year for the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” all happen to be part of the younger population; hence they do not require a big makeover to enhance their youthfulness. Bright coloured clothing and styling will just be the icing on the cake, giving them more confidence to perform at their best on stage. In addition, our styling supervisor, Shirley Chan, explored various styles of attire in hopes to help the contestants create a brand new lasting image.



The 8 Finalists met with music consultant, Richard Yuen


The “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” hosted by Talentvision recently completed a preliminary round and selected the top 8 finalists. Renowned concert producer and Music Consultant of the Singing Contest met up with the finalists to better understand their musical strengths. In order to grasp a more in depth idea of their song choices, he requested the finalists to sing right on the spot. Through listening to their presentation, Richard could liberate their potential to the fullest while providing tips for them to connect emotionally with the judges and audience in hopes to capture the first place!


Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest Top 8 Signing Ceremony


Through an exhilarating preliminary round, the judges have selected the best 8 contestants at the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” who signed their binding contracts with Fairchild TV immediately after and officially became the Top 8 finalists.

To kick start the process, the production team and star instructors met the finalists for the first time to discuss the upcoming photo shoots and final show rundown. This is the beginning of an intense 2 and a half month training to prepare for the finals on June 28th. Please stay tuned for more information on the 8 outstanding talents!


“Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” Top 8 Contestants Revealed!


The “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” hosted by Talentvision TV cordially invited music enthusiasts of all ages and nationalities to share their own “Golden Classics.” In the preliminary round, contestants of all ages were determined to create a lasting good impression on the judges by taking into account the contest theme and competed with their favourite songs to relive a classic.


In order to stand out amongst the crowd, contestants must have a good singing voice, an audition song that can emotionally touch the audience’s heart and also grasp onto the judges’ guidelines. In addition, there were several contestants that competed in groups with strong bonds. Others brought their own guitar to play cohesively with their singing, creating an acoustic setting and their own sense of style. Furthermore, a Japanese female contestant broke cultural barriers and even competed with a traditional Cantonese song; she went out of her comfort zone, proving that music has no boundaries.


The contest jury consisted of, Richard Yuen, the infamous concert producer and music consultant of Unforgettable Golden Classics, Carmen Shao, Talentvision TV program host, FM 96.1 program host, Jieying and singer songwriter, Denis Ng. After much consideration, the jury made the final decisions and picked the top 8 finalists who will be undergoing over 2 months of training.

Other than star instructors’ guidance, contestants will also be showing off their amazing singing techniques at different Roadshows in Vancouver. Through these practice runs, they will be able to gain experience and increase their confidence to give their best performances at the finals on June 28th!


Preliminary Jury


The “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” organized by Talentvision TV is inviting people who have a great passion in performing arts to embark on an amazing music journey! The winner of the competition will win a round trip ticket to Asia! In order to stand out amongst the crowd, contestants have to understand the judging criteria, be focused and have lots of practice. The preliminary contest jury comprises Richard Yuen, the infamous concert producer, Denis Ng, singer songwriter, Carmen Shao, Talentvision TV program host, and Jieying, FM 96.1 program host, who will provide contestants with tips and advice on areas of improvement during the audition.

Also the contest’s music consultant, Richard will be targeting on the contestants’ weaker areas and will rearrange the music for the finalists’ solo numbers to be played by a live band onstage. It is still a mystery as to what standard the jury has in mind. If you are a music fanatic, please don’t miss this last stretch to collaborate with and learn from a professional music team. Competition deadline: April 11th at 5pm. For more information, please email:


Showing Your Unique Style with a Live Band


Over the past few years, various competition platforms are being graced by contestants’ individual unique styles which very often bring fresh new surprises to the audience. In the second season of “Sing! China,” the first runner up Zhang Ze’s breathtaking beat boxing skills was astounding. The band that played along correlated so well that a perfect piece of artwork was created on stage.

The winner from the same season, Zhaxi Pingcuo, a Tibetan singer, was extremely lucky to get pointers from the band director Liu Zhuo who incorporated folk music in hip hop. If it weren’t for Liu Zhuo’s idea, it would have been difficult for Zhaxi Pingcuo to leave lasting first impression.

The “Unforgettable Golden Classic Singing Competition” will be combining these breakthrough elements plus inviting the renowned concert producer, Richard Yuen, to help the contestants with song choices and conduct the live band at the final. With the new music as icing on the cake, singers can confidently perform their personal style and bring life to a classic. The winner of the competition will win a round trip ticket to Asia. Competition deadline: April 11th at 5pm. For more information, please email


Never Let Cultural Barriers Refrain You From Chasing Your Dream!


Many singing contests hosted by Fairchild TV and co-organized by Talentvision TV do welcome participants at all ages and different nationalities. Over the last 20 years these competitions have attracted a number of undiscovered non-Chinese native speakers to vocalize themselves on stage. Just last year, a Caucasian won a round of applause from the audience with the classic “The Moon Represents my Heart.” and subsequently advanced to the semifinal at the “Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest”.

In 2011, with great determination and overwhelming performances, Jared Faa made it into the “New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition” final with the song “Rice Field”. Even as early as 2002, Stanley Cheung, now a popular TVB actor, partnered with a good friend of both Chinese and Canadian descents and successful captures a spot as one of the top 8 with the song ”Descendants of the Dragon”.

International singing contests can really provide a diverse platform for contestants of all ethnicities. A perfect example is the unique duo, Chuan Hu Combination from the second season of the “Golden Classic Music.” This group was able to blend cultures together creating an emotional performance that touched the heart of the judges.

Never let cultural barriers refrain you from chasing your dream! As long as you have the enthusiasm for singing and performing, please take this opportunity to apply for the “Unforgettable Golden Classic Singing Contest” and make your dreams into reality!